Eastside Kickers teams play in either the OYSAN State League, the American Amateur Soccer League (AASL) or the Ohio Travel Soccer League.  Visit the league websites for more information about the league and other clubs.


  • Please be prompt to practice.  Trying to organize 10-20 boys and girls is a little like herding cats; establishing a regular routine will ensure a smoother practice.
  • Try to make every effort to make sure your player’s shoes are tied prior to coming to practice.  Having to tie all those shoes detracts from keeping the practice running smoothly.
  • If your player is not going to make it to a game, let your coach or manager know.  The league requires that we have a minimum number of players to play.  If we know ahead of time, we can plan accordingly.
  • Most of all, be your child’s biggest fan!  But do it in the spirit of good sportsmanship.