Team Communication:

  • Email the team weekly (or as needed) to notify them of upcoming game times and locations, practices, etc… Coordinate with the coach to see what he may want communicated on a weekto-week basis to the team.
  • It is recommended to circulate a team contact list at the beginning of the season with phone numbers, addresses and email to allow parents to coordinate for carpools, etc…
  • Let the team know what color shirt to wear for upcoming games (standard is white at home, black away, but this is up to each individual team) and remind them to always bring the other jersey, just in case. Parents for younger ages may need to be reminded to have their child bring water, a ball, and to avoid wearing any jewelry.
  • Schedules are set early in the season, but it is worth checking the website each week to confirm that nothing has changed, especially game times and field locations (which occasionally change without notice). Links for schedules can be found as follows:
  • Links to field maps are also on each site:

Game Day Procedures:

  • Player Cards: Important!!!  Each player MUST have a league-issued player card to play; this includes guest players.  A referee can refuse a player if he/she does not have a card.  On occasion, the card for game-day coach has been requested as well. Managers present all player cards to the referee prior to the game.  Also keep your official roster handy.
  • Guest Players: If your team is short players, other ESK players may assist, as approved by that team’s coach. Note that these guest players will need a player card as well- communicate with

the loaning team manager to borrow their card. The intent of using guests is not to gain a competitive advantage, but to provide additional substitutes when a team has absences.

  • Referee Fees: Bring cash to pay the entire fee for home games only. You will be reimbursed for these fees at the beginning of the season with a check from the ESK Treasurer.
    • AASL: For U8/9 and U10–$35; for U11 and U12—$40; for U13 and U14–$45. NOTE THIS HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST YEAR.
    • State League: Game procedures and ref fees are listed on the game report card here: 0Form.pdf

  • Game Cards: To every game, bring the roster/score “card” (actually a form filled out and printed) that lists the teams, date, players, jersey numbers, game number, etc…  Give a copy to the referee before the game along with the player cards.  At the end of the game the completed cards will be given to the home team, who is responsible for mailing both game cards to the address on the card, or scan and email to the address listed below.  You may find it easier to create a single “template” at the beginning of the season and update with each week’s unique game info.
    • AASL:  (go to appropriate game report at bottom right corner) May be emailed to
    • State League: Game procedures and ref fees are listed on the game report card here: 0Form.pdf

  • Submit Scores: After the game, submit final score as outlined below:
    • AASL: For all games, home and away, online score reporting must be done by each team manager within 24 hours of game completion. If you did not receive a login and password direct from AASL, contact Lysa Brown (info below).
    • State League:


  • Goal Safety and Player Safety: It is extremely important that all goals be secure. If there are no sand bags on the goals or the goal is not bolted to the ground, DO NOT PLAY.  Call Dan Culver (info below).
  • Supervision: It is ESK Policy that all practices have at least two adults in attendance.
  • Refer to the AASL website: It is full of information about rules, suggestions for coaching, etc.
  • Inclement Weather: Stay in contact with your opponents team representative or coach (contacts available on respective league website) if inclement weather occurs on game day, or is clearly in the forecast.  Discuss field conditions and potential of cancellation with them.  For ESK field conditions, contact Dan Culver (info below).
  • Referees: If there are any game-day questions about referees (for example, one is missing…) contact your league representative at the number below, who has the contact number for the Referee Assignor covering AASL.