Eastside Kickers (ESK), founded in 1983, is a community youth soccer club created by Cleveland Heights/University Heights parent volunteers.  Former soccer players, these parents wanted to create greater developmental opportunities beyond recreational soccer offered by the city.

Club Mission:

ESK is a parent run, volunteer, not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing and operating programs to provide education and instruction to youth players in the rules and skills of the game and to promote youth participation in organized soccer.

ESK provides the opportunity for children in Cleveland Heights and University Heights to develop soccer skills, in a safe, competitive environment.  We strive to provide a competitive soccer experience that prepares players for higher levels of play and encourage a love for the game.

ESK is a travel soccer club that offers programs in outdoor and indoor programs that help to achieve these goals.

Coaching Philosophy:

The ESK coaching philosophy promotes individual development within a team environment.  Player development is priority one. Every player should a measure of success after every game and practice. The win-loss record is not deemed the only measurement of growth. ESK promotes teaching and developing technical and tactical skills to develop play and sportsmanship.


We have one measure of success – the improvement of every player every time they got on the field.  As mentioned previously, we are less concerned about the outcome of each practice/game than we are about how each practice/game is played.

It is each coach’s obligation, with “as needed” assistance from the Directors of Coaching, to help train and promote technical, tactical and game development among their players.  If player development is being compromised by an inadequate coach, a coach may be asked to step down after proper investigation by the Director of Coaching and Board approval.


Coaches are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior on and off the field and to promote a healthy competitive attitude and good sportsmanship among their players.

Acceptable Activities:

  • Shaking Hands with Opponents after Games
  • Team Captains Shaking Hands before Games
  • Applauding good/great plays from opponents, when acceptable
  • Helping opposing players off the ground when the game dictates
  • Checking to see if a player is all right after contact when the game dictates

Unacceptable Activities:

  • Using Profanity
  • Talking back to Referee, Coaches or Opponents
  • Instructing your team to foul an opponent to cause harm to the player
  • Refusing to shake hands