Coaching Expectations/League Requirements:

OYSAN Coaching Certification and Risk Management

As part of the Ohio North Youth Soccer Association (OYSAN) state league, there are state requirements for all coaches. As of Fall 2010, OYSAN requires that all coaches be certified. The minimum certification is the U9-U12 Soccer Module. OYSAN offers training courses throughout the state and calendar year. ESK pays for training. Further information can be obtained at: under the coaching tab.

OYSAN also requires that all coaches and assistant coaches (as well as team managers) complete a RISK MANAGEMENT assessment. This is to ensure the safety of our coaches and our players and includes a background check. The $5 cost is also covered by ESK. After filling out a brief form, you will receive notification via e-mail that you have passed RISK MANAGEMENT and will be rostered as coach or assistant coach.

ESK Administrative Requirements

OYSAN Form and Photograph – all coaches and assistant coaches must fill out an OYSAN coaches form which can be found on the ESK Web site (  Also required is a 1” X 1” photo  for the coaches playing card. All players, coaches, assistant coaches and managers are given a state sanctioned card which includes a photo.

Non-Administrative Coaching Guidelines:

Team Practice

Two adults MUST be in attendance at all times during every practice. Scheduling can be negotiated on a team by team basis prior to each season.  For continuity, Head Coaches are asked to attend a high percentage of their team’s practices.  We suggest 75% attendance of all practices is necessary to promote this continuity.  However, we understand that our coaches’ schedules may not be conducive to this commitment.  Therefore, if a coach attends less than 75% there must be an accepted plan by the team, the board and Directors of Coaching for the coach to continue to serve as Head Coach for their particular team.


For the same reasons that ESK require a mandatory PRACTICE ATTENDANCE policy, we also have a required GAME ATTENDANCE policy.  As with our PRACTICE ATTENDANCE policy, we allow all requirements to be negotiated on a team by team basis, with a suggested percentage of 80% minimum.  This issue should be discussed and agreed to at the beginning of the season.  If a Head Coach cannot meet these requirement, there must be an accepted plan by the team, board and Directors of Coaching for the coach to continue as head coach for their particular team.

Player Expectations:

The following two expectations should be communicated to your team:

ATTEND PRACTICE & GAMES: All players are expected attend (on time) as many practices, skill sessions and games as possible.  Every session missed is seen as a lack of commitment to the club and refusal to fulfill the only performance goal of the club, to become better soccer players.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: All players are expected to put forth their maximum effort in every drill, practice, game or other training opportunity.  Maximum effort includes, but is not limited to, full focus and attention, complete physical effort (running, jumping, etc.) and accepting input from their coach and other players.

HOME PRACTICE (Recommended): While home practice is not a requirement, the more touches a player gets, the better their technical ability.  We encourage coaches to promote home practice and offer skills that can be done at home.

Parent Expectations:

Coaches should work with their team manager to communicate with their players and families. In written form, parents should be notified of those expectations prior to the first practice, i.e. practice time/location, player expectations, etc.  Both parents and players are asked to sign a CODE OF CONDUCT form – one for player and one for parent – and if they are not following the code, should be reported to the Director of Coaching and/or Board immediately.  All policies, procedures and expectations are in the ESK Parent’s Manual. Please make sure your parents are aware of it.