Develop soccer skills for players from the CH-UH community in a safe competitive environment by offering an enjoyable travel soccer experience that prepares them for higher (premier or high school) levels of play and encourages a love for the game.


  1. Club Reputation – The ESK club is synonymous with “soccer” in our community. When describing ESK, people say our players are — technically skilled, well coached, competitive, and unselfish; everyone associated with the club is enthusiastic, respectful and genuine “good sports.” We are a visible, prominent community-based sports presence. Members of our community are well aware of our club and actively recommend the club to players from any community who may be looking for a quality soccer experience.
  2. Self-Growth – Cultivate an environment that facilitates a lifelong passion for soccer and promotes positive self-esteem. Our club is an institution that trains and prepares players for higher levels of play, but also one that educates them in the spirit of “the beautiful game” and actively fosters a life-lasting love of soccer.
  3. Community – ESK players, coaches, managers, volunteers, and parents will commit to contributing to the growth, quality, and success of the ESK program while enjoying and appreciating “the beautiful game” and exhibiting sportsmanship and fair play at all times.
  4. Fun experience – The players will report that they are having fun in the ESK program and encourage their friends to join the Club. To engage in a positive, healthy, and mutually supportive community sports program. TO HAVE FUN PLAYING SOCCER! Every child shares in the joy of soccer through improved skills, good sportsmanship, lasting friendships, and a deeper understanding of the game.


We believe in:

  • Capable Coaching: The club will create an optimal learning environment for players by providing consistently superior coaching: Our coaches will be well trained and evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • Player Development: Our # I goal is player development. Player development should emphasize learning the game, playing well and skill development, not winning.
  • Welcoming Capable Players: Every capable player from the CH-UH community deserves an opportunity to play regardless of the family’s ability to pay club fees.
  • Skills Development: all players are expected to develop individual technical skills by participating in foot skills and practices.
  • Parental Involvement: Soccer develops lasting bonds between parents, their children and the greater community; volunteer involvement fosters this sense of camaraderie.