If you want a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can get you just take a look at these 8 young women. If you were to see them 2 years ago, you like many others, would think they didn’t have a chance to play at a high school level. Well, with a change in culture they came ready and willing to give all to become better players. They started with the very basics and moved fairly quickly progressing themselves every season. They knew that the coaches cared and with that they were able to be pushed even harder to gain the necessary skills to play at a higher level. They practiced hard, in rain and even snow. They pushed themselves and trained even when there was no practice scheduled. They had a goal in mind and was determined to reach it. With that effort these 8 girls were all invited to play High school soccer with CHHS this August. The other girls that were on this ESK team will start either on varsity at other schools or play high school soccer at their enrolled school. They went from just showing up and having fun with no expectations, to being able to enjoy playing high school soccer this year. What an unbelievable achievement from these ESK girls.

ESK Girls

ESK Girls to play at high school

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